The Aspen Police, with assistance from the City of Aspen Parks Department, continue to investigate an armed robbery and two other incidents that may be associated. To further the investigation Police released thisvideo is offered of a man who was in the vicinity of purse stolen from patrons at Casa Tua.

Of the three incidents, the first was a purse theft on July 3rd around 8:00 p.m., the second a purse theft on July 9th at 7:53 p.m., and an armed robbery on July 9th at 8:47 p.m. The purse thefts are similar in that a male on a bicycle rode by and snatched their purses from locations in the downtown core while the victims were dining.

Two of the incidents follow a common “modus operandi” and seem to be associated. The third, the armed robbery at the Theatre Aspen, occurred within a very close timeframe to the second stolen purse. Descriptions gathered from victims and witnesses are consistent enough to suggest they are associated.

Officers continue to focus their efforts on gathering information, identifying and interviewing witnesses. Specifically, officers are attempting to identify an individual who was in the vicinity of the purse theft on July 9th to gather more details. The person can be seen in thisvideo.

The department has brought in additional resources to increase officer presence in town and around the Theatre Aspen tent. “We understand these are unusual crimes to occur in Aspen and that members of our community will be concerned.” said Chief Richard Pryor “These appear to be crimes of opportunity, so we would like to encourage members of the community to remain aware of the location of their personal possessions and to call us if they feel threatened or have any particular suspicions.”

The Aspen Police Department would like to thank members of the public, RFTA, and ACRA for their support and vigilance in attempting to identify this individual. If you have any information about these events please call the Police Department at 970-920-5400, or text any tips to 970-315-2024.