The Way of Compassion Foundation (WOCF) is proud to present the second annual
Compassion Film Festival® and Symposium​, August 9 – 11, 2019, at the Third Street Center in
Carbondale. The event is a celebration of those who are making positive change in the world and features
films, speakers, workshops, and music. John Bruna, WOCF founder, states, “The environment is more
than the land that surrounds us – it’s how we treat each other. I’m excited about seeing how we can
change environments as we promote compassion in our lives.”
New this year: Free workshops offered in Spanish, 2 led by ​Valentín Méndez​ from Mexico City.
Valentín Méndez is an internationally known certified instructor of mindfulness and compassion and is the
founder of “The Institute of Sciences and Human Flourishing.”
WORKSHOPS:​ ​10​ ​workshops focus on tools for compassionate living, including Bias-Free Compassion,
Where Compassion and Leadership Meet, Mindful Activities to Support the Building of Safe
Relationships, Attitudinal Healing, and more.
FILMS:​ ​3 feature-length and 15 short films form the centerpiece of the festival. Friday’s opening film ​“A
Sacred Journey” ​documents Juan Quintero’s journey when he is diagnosed with ALS and his family and
community rally to care for him. Filmmakers Ernesto and Vanessa Quintero will be on hand for a Q&A
following the film. On Sunday, filmmaker Deborah Harse will host Q&A regarding her film ​“A Miracle a
Day,”​ about a home in Calcutta for girls and women seeking refuge from brothels, human trafficking,
abandonment, and poverty. “These films invite audiences to expand their awareness of how individuals
relieve suffering around the world every day,” says Aaron Taylor, director of the Way of Compassion Foundation.
MAIN EVENT:​ Shereen Sarick of Aspen​ w​ill share her experience volunteering in Nepal and her
continuing support of the Marshyangdi School since the 2015 earthquake. Jonathan Greener of Carbondale’s Stepping Stones will talk about the power and impact of mentoring youth. Students from
three local high schools will present their experiences from a recent immersion program at the
Texas/Mexico border.
MUSIC:​ A Saturday night concert by Roaring Fork Valley band ​Let Them Roar​ will support Latina women
in sanctuary in Colorado. The band is touring Colorado sharing their new single ​“I See My Light”​.